Latin American Artists Re(de)fine Madrid Using Photographic Media

The Museo Universitario del Chopo presents at the Biblioteca de Mexico (Library of Mexico) the exhibition titled "Madrid Mirada" (Madrid Seen), on view through September 19, 2008.

Description of "Madrid Mirada" show from

"This photographic exhibition presents fourteen Latin American artists with their particular vision of the capital of Spain, showing the different possibilities that the photographic media provides to art...

The works include individual photographs, photographic objects, photographs that interact with their own shadows, stereoscopic images, videos, sound recordings, and many of them include digital technology to give the image a new meaning."

The artists participating in the exhibition are Alexander Apóstol (Venezuela), Jaime Ávila Ferrer (Colombia), Sandra Boulanger (Bolivia), Maya Goded (Mexico), Luis González Palma (Guatemala), Jonathan Harker (Panama), José Manuel Fors (Cuba), Priscilla Monge (Costa Rica), Eustaquio Neves (Brazil), Tomás Ochoa (Ecuador), Luis Paredes (El Salvador), Graciela Sacco (Argentina), Milagros de la Torre (Peru) and Pablo Zuleta Zahr (Chile).

Click on the linked artist names above to see previous works of their photography, unrelated to the Madrid exhibit.

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