Tyler Perry Opens Movie/TV Studio in Altanta, GA

Tyler Perry at Altanta, GA movie studio lot
Tyler Perry's life is a true American success story. He is a man who went from victim to victor.

Having suffered child abuse, Perry got his start by journaling his painful experiences which later became the material for several plays and movies that have changed the popular entertainment landscape of America.

Now it seems the playwright, screenwriter, actor and director and producer is on a mission to create his own Hollywood. And why not?

With a grand opening held on October 4, 2008, the Tyler Perry Studios is the first African-American owned studio in the country located in southwest Atlanta.

The studio occupies two former airline affiliated buildings and includes 200,000 square feet of television/movie sets and office space.

The opening was attended by notable Black actors and personalities such as Sidney Portier, Will Smith, Cicely Tyson and Hank Aaron among others.

Perhaps now there will be more opportunities for diverse American stories to be told on the silver screen as well as substantial roles for actors of color. I see Tyler Perry's studio opening as a major step towards the "minorities" of this country taking control of the way we're represented in mass media.

See more photos from the Tyler Perry Studios opening courtesy of ConcreteLoop.com

Now I'm just wondering, why didn't Spike Lee do this first?

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