Profile on Indian Photographer Sooni Taraporevala

Sooni Taraporevala and Mira NairShe's more known for her screenplays "Salaam Bombay!" and "Mississippi Masala" both directed by filmmaker Mira Nair (pictured right), but Sooni Taraporevala is also an accomplished photographer.

Her book, PARSIS, The Zoroastrians of India: A Photographic Journey, are photographs spanning 20+ years of the first visual documentation of India’s Parsi community. Followers of the world’s first prophet, Zarathustra, their religion Zoroastrianism is the world’s oldest surviving monotheistic faith.

The photographer herself is of Parsi Zoroastrian descent and was encouraged to publish the book by fellow friend and renowned photographer Raghubir Singh.

Harvard and NYU educated, Sooni lives in Bombay with her family.

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