Dodge & Burn Book, Scheduled for 2017 Release

After almost eight years of writing the Dodge & Burn: Diversity in Photography History blog, I'm proud to announce that the next iteration of this endeavor to document a more inclusive history of photography will soon become a book.

As of May 2015, I'm in contract with Routledge (an imprint of Taylor & Francis) and the book, tentatively titled Diversity in Contemporary Photography, is scheduled for release in 2017. The book, like the blog, will largely consist of photographer interviews, but will also include other chapters on photography collectives, photographers working in new media and more.

Although on a limited publishing schedule, as I write the book the Dodge & Burn blog will continue to be a resource for photographers and photo educators with new interviews (read the latest one with Kalen Na'il Roach) and other critical writing. I am currently in the process of updating the blog design and branding. 

Stay tuned and as always, thanks for being a Dodge & Burn reader! 


Dodge & Burn is a blog dedicated to documenting a more inclusive history of photography and supporting the work of photographers of color with photographer interviews.

This blog is published by visual artist and writer, Qiana Mestrich. For regular updates on diversity in photography history, follow Qiana on Twitter @mestrich, Like the Dodge & Burn Blog page on Facebook or subscribe to Dodge & Burn by email.

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