The Mission

Taking it's name from a darkroom/photo processing technique, the Dodge & Burn Blog is dedicated to DIVERSITY in PHOTOGRAPHY. My posts reflect PHOTOGRAPHY HISTORY as I would have loved to have learned it and CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY as I see and value it.

The Dodge & Burn photography blog will highlight what is often "dodged" from the art scene and "burned" in art history: photographers of African, Asian, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander and Aleutian heritage, women photographers and works of photography about these and other indigenous communities of the world.

New photographer/artist interviews are published weekly on Mondays and Weekly Roundups are published on Fridays. 

Dodge & Burn is maintained by it's founder, the photographer Qiana Mestrich.

Photographer Interviews

Dodge & Burn is looking for photographers to interview. If you're interested, please EMAIL ME. I also welcome tips on any new photography shows, call for artists, etc. 

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