International Fashion Photographer Koto Bolofo

Fashion Photographer Koto BolofoKoto Bolofo has had an incredible career in fashion photography having shot for magazines like Vogue Italia, Vogue Nippon, L'Uomo Vogue, Russian Vogue, Italian Marie Claire, British GQ, Italian Vanity Fair and more. His advertising campaigns include those for leading international brands like Levi’s, Hermes, Banana Republic, Burberry, Alberta Ferretti, Dom Perignon, Keratese and Avon.

His life story is just as rich and diverse: "Born in South Africa, Koto Bolofo was raised in Great Britain after his family was forced to flee as political refugees. Koto’s father, a history teacher, was found to have writings by Karl Marx among his teaching materials and was exiled for his supposed 'communist practices'. After nearly 25 years away son and father returned to South Africa, which Koto documented in his short film 'The Land is White, The Seed is Black'." Courtesy of Jed Root, Inc.

This Paris-based photographer has published several books and is also a filmmaker and fashion designer. His latest book, "Koto Bolofo: Venus Williams", features intimate portraits of the tennis goddess herself.

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