Kangana Dutta Puts Indian Models on the Fashion Map

Indian model Kangana Moni DuttaWith the rise of affirmative action, diversity became a hot issue in the workplace. Since Barack Obama's win to the highest office in the U.S., diversity has obviously permeated the whitewashed world of politics. That said, some of the toughest diversity battlegrounds left to fight are those of commerce and mainstream media.

Eight years into the 21st century and we're just now changing how we represent global standards of beauty. Slowly but surely, the world of fashion is reflecting the diversity of the real world - and upcoming Indian models like Kangana Dutta are helping.

In part of a concerted campaign to add racial diversity to the company's roster of models, Kangana Dutta was signed this year to the IMG modeling agency. Most recently she was shot for the September issue of Harper's Bazaar by Oliviero Toscani.

Why the sudden shift to diversity in fashion? It's all about the Benjamin$ baby - MONEY! As emerging markets [like China and India] become more and more important for luxury brands looking to meet their bottom lines, the trend toward increasingly diverse models starts to make sense..

Other notable Indian model "imports" include Ujwalla Raut and Padma Lakshmi and most recently, Lakshmi Menon. Perhaps like the recent all Black girls issue of Italian Vogue, we'll soon see an all Indian girls release.

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